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In-office Sinus Surgery

Are you tired of having recurrent congestion and sinus pressure?  Being placed on antibiotics frequently, only to have the same symptoms return?  Are you sick of being sick? You are not alone. In fact, per the CDC, more than 30 million people (over 12% of the population) have been diagnosed with chronic sinusitis.  This accounts for a significant proportion of all doctor’s visits, healthcare expenditure, and missed workdays each year.

There is good news, however.  Permanent treatment for this condition is now available in the office setting. Often for as little as an office co-pay, minimally invasive sinus surgery can be performed comfortably without general anesthesia (or the cost associated with outpatient surgery) in the office. With a much speedier recovery, this means you will quickly be back to the life of feeling better and breathing more clearly, AND you will have more money in your wallet!

In early 2018, Dr. Lippincott paired with Entellus Medical (now Stryker) to offer many of the sinus procedures, previously reserved for the sickest patients willing to undergo surgery in the hospital, to be done in the office. Now, every Friday, patients can undergo these same life-changing procedures comfortably and quickly in a pleasant office setting and return back to work and “better than normal” on Monday.  Better local anesthesia techniques and balloon sinuplasty have now made this possible.

Please contact your primary care physician (PCP), or schedule an office consultation with Dr. Lippincott to find out if you would be a candidate for this curative type of procedure.  A confirmatory CT scan can be done in the office at the time of your visit.

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